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Data for Policy: Digital Trust and Personal Data

Organised by the Data for Policy Committee (UCL, Cambridge University, and NYU), June 2019

At the Data for Policy international conference at University College London (UCL), the ECSEPA team delivered a presentation based on a joint-authored paper, titled: ‘Cyber capacity building and knowledge sharing: The UK policy community’s perception of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).’ Informed by data collected through the ECSEPA study, the talk explored UK policymakers’ views on the relevance of NCSC provisions to their work, and their engagement experiences with the NCSC. The presentation also touched upon areas of intervention suggested by the policy community which could help strengthen expertise sharing practices.

The ECSEPA talk was part of a joint session coordinated with departmental colleagues from UCL STEaPP’s Digital Technologies Policy Laboratory (DTPL) and the PETRAS IoT Research Hub, titled: ‘Bridging the sociotechnical divide from a policy perspective: Knowledge sharing in cybersecurity and data management in digital technologies.’ Aimed at crossing the sociotechnical divide to examine how public and private sectors can be better equipped for the 21st century, areas covered by the other talks in the session included:

  • Multi sectoral collaborations on open source simulation to improve UK critical national infrastructure security;
  • The increase of GDPR efficacy with regards to privacy, security and data protection in an IoT environment;
  • Better data management and cybersecurity in the IoT based on polycentric governance approaches and the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change.