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ECSEPA Cybersecurity Policy Game: Invitation to Participate

The Evaluating Cyber Security Evidence for Policy Advice (ECSEPA) project is funded by EPSRC and supported by the Sociotechnical Security Group at NCSC. It is intended to learn more about how the UK Government cybersecurity advisory and policy-making community evaluate evidence in their roles. As part of this, we invite participation in a cyber policy game that tests the participants’ responses to scenarios through a range of escalating crisis scenarios. As part of this participants will be asked to assess a diverse body of evidence in their evaluation of risk, threats and consequences. The overall objective of this research is to understand how such policy-making be better supported.​

The policy game will take place on 21st February 2019 in London and will require one full-day of commitment. We invite anyone recently or currently involved in supporting cybersecurity policymakers in the UK, specifically civil servants who provide short and long-term policy advice, either in response to specific crisis incidents or in the context of longer term planning for national security and capacity building.​

For a formal invitation see: NCSC Weekly Threat Report 23rd November 2018

Please email s.shaikh@coventry.ac.uk to register an expression of interest to participate in the game with a very brief description of your current role.​