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Strategic Coordination Summit: Cyber Emergency Response

Organised by the London Resilience Partnership in London, May 2019

The ECSEPA team collaborated with the London Resilience Partnership (LRP) to deliver the Strategic Coordination Summit held in London. Organised by LRP, the event brought together London’s strategic leaders and decision makers to enhance their understanding of prevailing risks, partnership strategic coordination arrangements, and response and recovery capabilities relating to a significant cyber incident. Delegates included representatives from the central government, national organisations and international partners.

The ECSEPA team supported the scenario design for the workshop exercises which focused on an evolving cyberattack in the transport sector. During the workshop, the team facilitated the group discussions to explore strategic incident response framework and advisory coordination mechanisms.

The Summit aimed to:

  • Raise awareness of the cyber threat and the associated impacts on London;
  • Consider arrangements for the multi-agency response to a cyber incident or attack;
  • Identify key strategic issues, dependencies and expectations across organisations;
  • Highlight the implications for business continuity planning.